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Parking Sensors & 
Reverse Cameras

Parking sensors and Reversing Cameras make manoeuvring  your vehicle a lot easier. We can add front or rear sensors to your car with just a beep or with a display as well. If you want see whats going on behind you then you can go for a revering camera. There are many different ways we can mount your camera and view the image take a read of this page to learn more.

Parking Senors 

Parking sensors are the ideal solution if you want reassurance of the size of your vehicle, they can provide just a beep or a small display. Take a read of this page to find out about the different options available. They don't need to be ugly bits on the back of your car we can make they look like they came from the factory with them. 

Types of Parking Sensors
Polo rear sensor lip.jpg

Lip Style Front and Rear Rear Sensors 

This type of sensors are they more affordable option, they push in a mount from the outside of the bumper so have a small lip. As you can see from the photo above when colour matched can still look smart and tidy.

Towbar and Spare wheel exclusion 

If you have a spare wheel on the back of your tail gate or a towbar fitted then you need have intelligent sensors these ensure they don't  mistake your towbar or spare wheel for something behind your vehicle. 


OEM Style Front and Rear Sensors

OEM style sensors are the more expensive option the mount from behind the bumper and only have a small ring around them. This allows for a factory look, they work just as well as lip style sensors just more discrete.

Parking Sensors Displays and Controls

Parking Sensors Displays

Rather than just a beep you can opt to have a display as well. This can be done for front or rear sensors. They work by colour so outside starts out green as you get closer it goes orange then red in the centre. 

Front parking sensor button.jpg

Parking Sensor Controls

With rear sensors they are switched on when you go in reverse. We can add an extra switch to disable the rear sensors when you have a trailer attached so they don't go off when reversing.

For front sensors there are a few options to turn the on:

- On and off with ignition this means they are on all the time when engine is running

- On for 30 seconds when ignition on then off, then to turn them back on for another seconds press a button, this is the most popular option

- On and off with a button on the dash

- Speed swithc  

Parking Sensors supplied and fitted from £205 plus vat

Rear lip style parking sensors supplied and fitted from £205 plus vat, colour matching is an extra £20. Prices may increase for different makes and  models of vehicles. 

Polo rear sensor lip.jpg

Reversing Cameras

This section we will show you the different types of reverse cameras, they may come in all different sizes and mounting systems but all the cameras below are compatible with the types of different displays further down the page. 

Types of Cameras
universal camera ford.jpg

Universal Camera

These camera as the name states are universal fitting cameras they come in two types push fit ones which fit into a hole and have no up or down adjustment or hindged brackets cameras which are attached with two screws on a bracket which give far more adjustments. 


OEM Brake Light Camera

OEM Brake Light Camera are rear cameras which replace the top brake lights, these are made mostly for vans. They have a good top view allowing you to see the distance between your bumper and any objects.

4 pin camera motorhome.jpg

4 Pin Cameras

4 Pin Cameras are not the smallest or the prettiest cameras on the market but they do tend to have the best night vision  rugged build and only have a single cable going to them which allows a tidy and reliable fitting. We fit these most of HGVs, Motorhomes and 4x4.

VW T6 rear number plate camera.jpg

Number Plate Light Cameras

Number Plate Light Cameras replace the number plate light holder retaining a light there but adding a camera as well. They are available for most vehicles as offer a more discreet look. Their only downside is that they have no angle adjustment and can be hard to judge distances.

Types of Displays
rear view cam on after market radio.jpg

Aftermarket Stereo

One option to view the rear camera on would be an aftermarket stereo. This is where the original stereo has been change for one with a rear camera input. All aftermarket head units with a screen have an input for at least one camera with a some having two and very few having up to 4 inputs. 

Replacment mirror monitor.jpg

Mirror Monitor 

There are two types of mirror monitors, one which is a replacement mirror and then when reversing a 4 inch section becomes a screen or a clips over larger mirror which is always screen but never a mirror read below to learn more.

Rear view universal monitor.jpg

Universal Monitors

These monitors mount like Sat Navs with one small lead which has a connect so can be removed. They are an affordable option and can be wired to be on all the time when driving or when in reverse.

rear view camera on oem screen.jpg

OEM Stereo Integration 

This is the tidiest option but also usually the more expensive, as long as the kit is available we can add a rear view camera to your existing car stereo using rear camera modules. We can do this for most VWs, Fords and Mercedes but please get in contact with us about this option as more kit is being developed every day.

Types of Mirror Monitors 
Replacment mirror monitor.jpg

Replacement Mirror

These types of mirror monitors replaces your existing mirror, we can do this to most cars as long as there isn't an array of sensors in your rear view mirror. They work as normal mirror when driving then when reverse a 4 inch screen appears for the rearview camera. 

Clip over monitor .jpg

Clip over Mirror Monitor 

This type of mirror monitor clips over the existing rear view mirror, it allows for a bigger screen, but does not work as a mirror when not in use. They are bit bulkier and uglier than the replacement mirror but can have 2 different camera inputs with audio. We use these a lot on HGVs with multiple cameras.

Universal push fit rear camera and monitor kit £135 inc VAT

Complete universal rear view camera kit. Can be fitted to nearly any vehicle.

This kit includes a universal push fit rear view camera with extension leads and a dashboard mount monitor.

Supplied and fitted from: £320 inc vat



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